#VisDare 105: Pause

PauseCity lights… I looked around, taking in the anonymous passersby, the broken asphalt, the absurd glitter of a dying world. The line was dead, already: you had gone, far, further than where I could ever reach you.

There would be no return, you had chosen the path, away, from me, from “us”. Us was no longer, no more than this city, soon to be reduced to ashes. I looked up at the sky, and beyond the thin layer of clouds I saw them: the dark birds of premonition.

Pause. Dead silence. I sensed their arrival, the slim silver bodies of the avengers, the megatons of fate. Revenge from those we had enslaved, betrayed, starved and plundered through the ages: now we would pay the price, for cowardice and hate, for being, to the rest of mankind, disposable vermin.

The phone line was dead, then the purple glow of Armageddon. The End.

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