#VisDare 105: Liberated #WritersWednesday

liberatedI see them: there are two of them, ordinary blokes, a little old-fashioned. They are taking the stars away: they are stealing our night sky, never to return. Around us is the mere emptiness of a poor world, half built, incomplete, empty of life, devoid of joy. Who are these people? Are they even human? Or are they mock-ups, machines pretending to be like us? Who control them? Do they have masters, or do they have their own mind, obnoxious, intrusive, ignoring beauty, perhaps even hating beauty?

Now it becomes clearer to me: they are unbuilding our world, destroying all traces that once we were here, taking human life apart, stones and all… No more stars, neither in the sky, nor in our souls: this maybe how it will finish, a deconstruction of us, what we stand for, poetry, children, sex, all creation. How can this be? Us, never again? Help!

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