#FiveSentenceFiction: Diversions

WWII — French Resistance fighters - the “Maquis”Together they studied the map, gathering their memories of the paths, the streams, the valleys: out of that landscape they worked out their best chance of escaping the monsters.

For they knew the mountain was kind to those who respected her, and showed her their willingness to trust her, and patiently to explore her secrets.

So, in the end, when they were ready, they started the ascent, taking at first the difficult path, and then cutting through a steep gorge.

There, for a while, they were exposed, but they knew how to swiftly divert their route, avoid the ambush and continue their ascent, like spirits in the forest.

For that war was about hiding, moving unseen, silent and ready to strike: a partisan war.

Image: French Résistance fighters in WWII, le Maquis.

5 thoughts on “#FiveSentenceFiction: Diversions

  1. Memories of that period have been kept fresh in the border area between France and Switzerland where I live, where the local population tried to help Jews and others escape across the border. A fine write. I think my only minor quibble would be the use of the word ‘monsters’ – feels too ‘opinion’ and ‘telling’.

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  2. The people in the photograph were so beautiful, at first I thought it was a still from a film. After reading your fine description of the fighters I was delighted. Nicely done. Thanks for following my bog.


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