#AtoZChallenge2015: quandary

quandaryI found a definition in Wiktionary for quandary, a word which somehow intrigues me. So it goes:

Etymology: 16th century. Origin unknown; perhaps a dialectal corruption (simulating a word of Latin origin with suffix -ary) of wandreth (evil, plight, peril, adversity, difficulty), from Middle English wandreth, from Old Norse vandræði (difficulty, trouble), from vandr (difficult, requiring pains and care).

quandary (plural quandaries)

  1. A state of not knowing what to decide; a state of difficulty or perplexity; a state of uncertaintyhesitation or puzzlement; a pickle; a predicament.
  2. dilemma, a difficult decision or choice.”

Related words include: doubt, indecision, dilemma… All very pertinent to the… learning writer, always in a … quandary!

Robert Frost:

“To quote the oracle of Delphi, / Love thou thy neighbor as thyself, aye, / And hate him as thyself thou hatest. / There quandary is at its greatest.”

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