#DailyPost: Undo

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Undo.”

Slava Fokk“This is the one event I’d erase,” you said without hesitation, “Just think about it, that was the source of all maledictions. Before then, there was a chance, for millions of people there, and across the world. After that, wars, genocides, persecutions… All the way right up to now. Just think…”

Indeed this left me in deep thoughts. A chance to reclaim the planet, peace, a world without fear? Or all that would have happened anyway… Were we doomed to failure?

“I see you’re meandering again. The case is clear though: whether you look at what happened to the rightful owners of the land, or to people in Africa, or to the world as is now, the threat of annihilation… Just think.”

Would it have been that simple, would it have been enough, to stop Columbus on his track, to wreck the fleet, to send him and his henchmen down deep to the bottom of the sea? To keep our misery here, where it belonged…

One thought on “#DailyPost: Undo

  1. It’s a nice thought, but things weren’t exactly sunshine and roses in the New World before Europe came across the ocean. There’s a long history of war, bloodshed, violence and annihilation before Columbus ever landed. Human nature is what it is.


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