#DailyPrompt: No, thanks!

DSC_0252“I can assure you you would be more than welcome there,” he says in his mellowest and most seductive voice.

“Besides, I know of several extremely attractive people who have told me how much they’d appreciate your presence and contribution to our works…”

I hate that voice: not only it does not turn me on, it stirs inside me the most violent feelings. For me this, is no seduction, it is repulsion. But I guess this is part of his tactic: to force his foolish victims to give up, as well as to hope to reach the Nirvana.

Today I am not playing: I face him and punch him square on the nose. Of course he disappears, instantly.

For the Devil never fight: he lets his minions do the fighting for him.

But I won’t go there.

2 thoughts on “#DailyPrompt: No, thanks!

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