#DailyPrompt: Embrace the Ick #Auschwitz70 #Evil

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Embrace the Ick.”

DSC_0428“You know who I mean, those desk generals, those corrupt politicians, those oligarchs and their media lackeys – they who don’t hesitate to send young people to the grinder, to lie, to hire thugs to do their dirty work…”

“So, why do you think they have their use then?”

I know you would ask, and I think about it for a few seconds. The morning sunlight plays in your hair, its reflections bouncing  on the edge of the cup you hold.

“I imagine having them all in front of me, and I am ready to fire, to execute the lot of them… In a way, it calms me down… But there is something else: they are visible, we know who they are, admittedly some of them are more public than others… But still, they are his public face, the face of Evil. Without them we would have to dig very deep to get hold of Satan. With them, we know what to do, it’s very clear for anyone with a conscience.”

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