#DailyPrompt: One-Way Street (long eye-lashes and claws)

Remedios VaroYou are calm and composed, after all, it’s a choice for me, you will be watching.

“It’s simple,” you repeat, “one way you may want to avoid me, or at least try to hide, the other, you have a small chance that I may have forgotten about you…”

Vengeance, as they used to say, is better enjoyed cold. And you are the goddess of retribution, and I am the villain, hoping to escape, hoping to get away, still believing I can hide… Am I?

On the chessboard, there is very little left, a choice of two, one way, or the other, so I look at you, as you observe me, behind those long eyelashes. The truth is that I do not really want to escape, for I’d rather die in your claws than rot in a coward’s hell.

So I beg you, my Nemesis, to tell me which way to jump.

Image: Remedios Varo

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