#VisDare 64: Awash

AwashThe small boat rested on the sand bank, shallow waters rippled by the light wind. She thought of the days spent aboard, alone, the hopes the journey had raised.

She was there now, standing immobile as a statue. In a few hours they would be reunited: her hero, his mermaid, as he used to call her.

Till then, she would watch the sunset.


4 thoughts on “#VisDare 64: Awash

  1. Lovely yet there’s a bit of suspense there too. I like that I never know which journey you will move your characters towards.

    P.S. I do love the new blog layout. I apologize if it has been some time since I’ve visited. Work, as always, takes much of my energy. I am pleased to see that #nowplaying remains…and Take 5 is one of my all time favourites :)) Lately I’ve also been enjoying Paul Desmond’s ‘redo’: Take Ten: http://youtu.be/Tnygv7J6VNg Hugs!


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