VisDare 52: Ingenious


We were at the bottom of our garden, just at the fence that separated it from the fields: for us, the wild country.  You’d climbed over the wooden fence, and held forth against the barbarians (that was me), daring me to give the assault.

So I thought  I would call upon my chief engineer, who knew how to build amazing siege machines, boat bridges, and all sorts of military marvels. He (that’s me) imagined complicated stuff, then decided for a frontal assault: straight to the centre of the enemy’s fortress…

We looked for, and found the long plank, strong enough to support the cavalry charge and its heavy horse (me). Then the assault was given, at the slow rhythm of the war drums: the path was steep, and constantly we were bombarded by arrows and boiling lead, thrown at us by the enemy.

When I got to the top, peace was signed, and we shared an apple.

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