Daily Prompt: Time After Time: #Coffee #Ritual

Traditions: we’ve all got ‘em. They might be family dinners on special occasions, or having a particular kind of cake on your birthday (Jeanne Cake, natch), or popcorn at the movies, or meeting your friend for a 5k run in the park, rain or shine, every Sunday morning. What are your favorite traditions, large and small? What is it about your traditions that keep them going strong for you?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us RITUAL.

Morning Morning: feeble light through the room’s curtains, stretching, listening to the city waking up…

Kitchen: fresh water, fill the machine, check the beans!

Ah… the beans… glorious scent – time to grind, grinding, celestial smelll of freshly ground coffee, antique grinder…

Check the filter, equalize the lovely, soft ground beans… Turn on…

Now firing the Mac, curtains drawn back, dawn sunlight filtering through the still naked trees, time to start working… soft keys… sublime aroma from the kitchen: bliss!


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