The Edge ~ Cheeky you…

Derriere sur une chaise cannée, 1979 by Jeanloup Sieff Diary of Céline Jeurève, February 17, 2048

They say the unpredictable happens, and so it does. Dear Charles arrived late on Friday, all lovely and loving. Monica was here since the night before – and Charles, to his credit, made no comment about the change in the household arrangements that, obviously, he could not not notice: the suddenly intimate atmosphere between the two of us, and then, yes, the room was a bit disorderly…

Dear Charles, we ended up having a super weekend. Monica was… wonderful, frank with Charles, charming, but leaving no doubt on her intentions towards me. What a fool I have been. All this time I thought that she was after Charles! I must say I was surprised, was not prepared. She was an absolute delight, and she was irresistible. I am still wondering how we will cope, the three of us, and particularly I, who did not expect to be at the receiving end of that level of attention. From Charles, yes, that goes without saying, but from Monica? She delighted us with gossip from Milan and Jo’burgh, and her sense of humour is, as ever, so sharp and funny. Charles was so good, a real gentleman, attentive to me and friendly to her. She had the good grace of moving to the spare room on Saturday night, which saved  my face – if nothing else, since she caught up with me while Charles was shaving… I so misjudged her…

Charles’ trip to Kyoto worked out a big success. His interviews went well, and he seemed to be pleased with the reception to his article so far (it will be published in the next issue of the Federation Economic Journal, as well as in Azymuth). I am so proud of him. He’s staying in Paris for the rest of the week, and I look forward to a quieter time with him. He has not made any remark about Monica and me, but I want to make sure he knows where I stand (not sure “stand” is the right word in the circumstances…) Monica is flying back to Milan tonight, then it will be London and New-York. She’s promised to be back in a fortnight. I already know I am going to miss her, and that now, I will be craving for the two of them when I am on my own. Yes, there is work, thank goodness, but still I’ll be waiting for calls, messages, video chats, the trappings of distance loving…

Message from Charles Jeurève to Monica Ross, February 18, 2048

You were perfect. Sweet Céline is in love, I can tell you, she’s such a good girl – but don’t tell me yet, I can wait to talk to you face to face! I’ll call you when you are in London. I am doing some research here for the next few days, probably till the beginning of next week – and taking care of Mrs Jeurève. Have you taught my wife some complicated tricks now? Cheeky you.

Message from Monica Ross to Charles Jeurève, February 19, 2048

Sir, you are Sir, an extremely cheeky boy yourself. And incredibly lucky to be married to such a beautiful and so gifted woman as Céline. But, pray, what are you researching now? Do tell us more about what you are up to, Monsieur Charles. Incidentally, that flat of yours in Vincennes is the perfect place for great loving: spacious (smiles), great light, nice sound system, voluptuous bar… More smiles.

Cheeky me kisses you.

Image: Derrière sur une chaise cannée, 1979, by Jeanloup Sieff

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