#Enough or Not Enough

And so we want more…

The Manicheans

It’s never going to be good enough. I’m never going to be good enough. People will judge me, and criticize me, mostly I will be hard on myself, bringing myself down, so down, my life won’t mean anything until I achieve absolute perfection. Writing, composing, living…My stories aren’t good enough. My life isn’t good enough. I’m never satisfied. I always want more.

Because instant gratification taught me how to get a quick fix every time I felt unsure about something, I forgot to learn patience. I forgot to take the time to take the time. I built up resentments – at the world – and mostly at myself, but for what end?

I remember the days where I was writing poetry on my notepad, and I thought the world was dark because my world was dark. This darkness engulfed every one of my dreams, pushing me to dwell deeper into…

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