#WritersWednesday: Helga holds the #Pen

Temptation My name is Helga, sometimes spelt “Elga”, for reasons that I leave to the Reader to discover. I am a medical doctor, exactly a specialist in mental health, and one of the most ambiguous characters in this strange piece of writing titled “The Page”.

There, I appear in turn as an alien creature, leading a sinister plot to conquer the world, or at least, this world, or, as a shadowy member of a military clique, involved in the setting up of a world government, possibly to the service of the aliens, and then, again, as myself. The story line has confused me more than once, I admit, being, just as much as my friend Sarah, a rational being. Unsurprisingly the two lost characters in the story are… the author and his hero, old Julian Dutoît, married to Sarah, poor soul (Sarah, not Julian, who deserves some good kicks up his a**e).

Of course I should not talk like this about one of my clients. For my sins, professionally, I look after Julian, more for love of his beautiful wife than for any particular sympathy for Julian himself, whom I find an insufferable fool. I have long wondered if Julian is not the writer’s perfect twin, as paranoid and obsessed the one as the other. Those typical male characters have been lucky to find good women to look after their sorry little minds. And yet they speculate, occasionally flirt with ghosts, get drunk, misbehave in ways another age would have found odious to men and gods.

We have to put up with them because their fertile imaginations are, from time to time, entertaining, to a point. I admire Sarah’s patience with her husband, and her ability to forgive his worse infidelities. Mind you, Sarah’s a free spirit, and from my point of view a marvellous friend, and more. I have toyed with the idea to suggest to the writer, as I occasionally do, to kill his hero. I have decided against it, not for fear of failure, but to spare Sarah, as I do not want to hurt someone I adore.

Now you know.

Image: “Temptation”, Alte Gallerie, Berlin (photo: Honoré Dupuis)

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