#FWF Free Write Friday: Image Prompt

Does this envelope hold a message for you or someone else? In the words of John Mayer… “say what you need to say…”

everything i could never tell you My dear love,

I know, this will be unexpected, after all, old fashion mail has gone… a bit out of fashion, has it not? But this is Mars! The kind crew that gave us that invitation, when we wrote to them how pleased we were about the lunar probe – do you remember, only six months ago? Well, the same bunch invited me again, this time to fly to their Mars base, send you a letter, and fly back! They said the mail rocket would arrive ahead of us, and they would make sure you have the letter before I knock on our door!

If you look now, I am probably just standing at the door now!

Hugs… and more in a sec!

5 thoughts on “#FWF Free Write Friday: Image Prompt

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