After the First Draft #amediting, or am I (re) #writing?

Road to the Mind The struggle to complete the mythical first draft opens the gate to another level of enjoyment: in this case I am waiting for the work undertaken by my editor – bless her keyboard – to be completed before switching seriously into 2nd draft gear. I have already done some work on the basis of her observations and corrections so far: I expect a rewrite may be on the cards. Am I afraid? Not at all, this is training. One day it will bear fruit… or not. Who knows?

The adventure started some two years ago, often stalled and restarted, must continue. Distractions, travel, friends, family, books! – all reasons why progress is slow. One interesting observation is the number of blind alleys marks left all over the place: locations of no import, even characters of total irrelevance popping out here and then. My editor must think me nuts! And of course, as any writer in training, I am!

So what is the real next step? The novel is in three parts, and this was only part 1.  A rewrite of part 1 has real advantages, for example to reset the plot on a firmer foundation, after eliminating the “red herrings”. This should lead to better writing in parts 2 and 3, shouldn’t it? Well… The trouble is that the whole enterprise would be pushed back for at least a year; and there lies the risk of losing momentum.

There is another snag: new ideas are popping up, for another book! Discipline, discipline. We have to focus, and not lose sight of the goal: writing a good first novel!

Image: “Road to the mind”, by Leppakaklifoth


3 thoughts on “After the First Draft #amediting, or am I (re) #writing?

  1. Right there with you Sisyphus and it sometimes seems a sisyphaen task. What do change? I like it but is that good enough? Garg, this is terrible…why did I do this? Looking forward to meeting you at the finish line, both of us with beautiful works of novelistic art. And this time, that rock is not going to roll down the hill and squish our toes!


  2. I’m right there with you pushing the edit/rerwrite rock up the hill, and it is truly a sisephaen task, but this time, I’ll meet you at the top with a beautiful work of novelistic art. This time the rock will not roll down and squish our toes. Can’t wait to see your work published!


  3. All of a sudden, one day, you’ll find yourself with a copy of your first book in your hands. And you’ll be able to work with those new ideas for the next book. Keep going!


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