#WritersWednesday: A Nice Man

Knight It was his soft manners, his unaffected kindness, that seduced her.

Then there was the calm voice, the deep blue eyes, the warmth that emanated from him, even when she felt troubled, when she was ill.

Thinking about it, she was rarely ill now, since she had met him.

It is true that sometime he acted strangely, as when she’d lost some clothes over the balcony, that she could see hanging across the street, on a telephone wire, pushed by the wind. Somehow, as she wasn’t looking, he had retrieved them, although he denied it.

And so it was that she tried to find out more, where he came from – he said he was born in Palestine, who his parents were. He only said the name of his Mum: Maria.

Then, one day, as they were walking home, they were assaulted by a band of thugs, ugly and violent. She was afraid, she looked at him. He was so calm, smiling. And somehow, they looked at him, and ran away, as if they had seen the devil.

So she demanded to know. He agreed. He would take her to his birth place, to Nazareth.

One thought on “#WritersWednesday: A Nice Man

  1. Very nice tale, maybe you could write some more. I have an ancient print of this picture in my house in London & funnily enough I am at present, residing very close to Nazereth 🙂


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