#Writer’s diary: Thursday musing

Yesterday Well, the past month has been interesting, with plenty of events and changes to keep us on our toes. Since I got locked out of my WP account for the best part of the last two weeks I did not share much of it! It was perhaps better that way. From June 21 the weather changed dramatically here in London and it got seriously hot. Running was only possible early morning or at the gym, we couldn’t sensibly run later in the day by temperatures approaching 30 deg. (Cent.)

I had a chance – two chances – for photo-shoots, and then the opportunity went, which incidentally left me short of someone to work for the photo-book I planned earlier. You can see the pics here, and there is – somewhere –  a post about the book.

The novel progressed a bit, but not as much as I would have hoped, being freed for a while of “flash-distractions”! Travel planning took the bulk of the leisure time Gorgeous and I had in the past three weeks. In two weeks time we will be off, to Holland, the Baltic shores, Eastern Germany and finally Berlin. I invite you to follow me on Instagram for snapshots. Otherwise watch this space when we are back. There is work to do, although I’ll give The Page a break. The synopsis for the photo-book has to be rewritten (new ideas, and most probably a different face…), and of course there will be plenty of pictures.

I won’t do many posts during August. Normal work will resume at the end of the month…

By the way, Nina sent me this (King Crimson):


Long ago and far away in a different age

when I was a dumb young guy

fossilized photos of my life then

illustrate what an easy prey I must have been

standing in the sun, idiot savant

something like a monument

I’m a dinosaur, somebody is digging my bones

ignorance has alway been something I excel in
followed by naivete and pride
doesn’t take a scientist to see how
any clever predator could have a piece of me
standing in the sun, idiot savant
something like a monument
I’m a dinosaur, somebody is digging my bones

when I look back on the past
it’s a wonder I’m not yet extinct
all the mistakes and bad judgements I made
nearly pushed me to the brink
it doesn’t pay to be too nice
it’s the one thing I have learned
still, I made my fossil bed
now I toss and turn

I’m a dinosaur, somebody is digging my bones

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