FiveSentenceFiction: View

DSC_0128As we begin our descent, stepping over the larger stones, observing the path ahead of us, I feel your presence, nestled, inside me…

For you are my companion, my lover in life and death, the protective spirit of this valley.

For when I died it was for you, with you, to be with you for eternity, your human lover rendered immortal.

Do you remember the view that day, the snow, the clouds?

Do you remember us on that day, my love, on the grey cliff, enlaced, kissing, falling, falling…?

9 thoughts on “FiveSentenceFiction: View

  1. Well Sisyphus47,
    Your story made me think of a few day crest backpacking in the most beautiful mountains, Fagaras Mountains, many years ago…
    Unfortunately my trip was quite different, finding out that my date at the time was so scared of the very dangerous trails (one section, a 50 yards horn, with chain for handrail, called Two Steps From Death, I’ll upload a video from YouTube on that ) that I could hardly make her move…You see she was beach girl, born and raised by the beach, and was terrified, by that for me was a walk in the park….

    Thanks for your story and the “meditative stance it put me in,

    Nice memories…

    A bientot!



    • I found that there are two types, and I married the mountain one, not afraid of vertical cliff, and still looking good in a bikini! Thanks for your support friend 🙂


      • Not in my case, It did not, end up well: I guess I just did not read into all those signs laid at my feet…But, she was not the first, nor was she the last!
        I’m glad for you!

        Someone gotta beat the odds!

        Thanks for the good word, and check my site please, in a few minutes for the video of that horn: You’ll love it I’m sure!



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