Daily Prompt: You’ve Got the Power #WW

You have the power to enact a single law. What would it be?


Pitiless I looked at the judge: I see her icy blue eyes moving from me, standing, listening, to you, my sweet love. I see tears in your eyes. You know the jury has convicted me: they want to protect you, all those like you, protect you from people like me.

The judge fixes me, quietly shuffling her notes. I stand, frozen, eyes down, accepting my fate, just thinking of you.

The room is silent. I see the members of the jury waiting, waiting for the judge to deliver her verdict.

I recall all the scenes of our love: I worship you, and I know you know.

Finally the judge says: “You have committed the most hideous crime. The jury has recognised you as guilty, and there is no attenuating circumstances. You will serve your victim: she will decide your fate, for now I condemn you to ten years of hard love in her service. You will wear her collar, you will be tagged. There is no appeal.”


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