Saturday morning musing…

Futures It looks as if our morning run might be disrupted – sigh. I am a morning person, for me best time to write, observe the world pursuing its business in the garden – ah the crows! -and generally meditate on the state of the planet (still there, still beautiful, and still threatened). This morning a sudden realisation of what a mess my blogs are pushes me to this rambling post.

In the blogosphere (is there such a thing?) some of “us” are very organised, sticking to one location, one book, or more evidently, one general outlook on life, and some solid certainties – may be. Others are, well, like me, or I am more like them. Erm… Very dispersed for a start. No kidding: in this case dispersed over no less than five WP locations and two tumblr ones… Isn’t this madness? Of course there is some logic (po-faced). This place, where I write now, is not the original blog: this honour belongs to the other one, the one I started in the distant year when I withdrew from active service, so-called (giggles in the background). Then came this, and the photo blog which witnesses our travels, discoveries and the odd pic of something worth capturing, in our view. The magnus opus has its own blog – a good thing too – and its aim is to deliver (really?) a first draft at the end of this year!

Coffee is brewed… Ah…

Tumblr comes in two parts, one – Musings – is a collection of mainly pictures and quotes that I have found attractive in my wanderings (I quote friends often there). The other is a piece of risqué writing (definitely 18+ and “NSFW”!) reflecting another type of ambition (or is it obsession?) This leaves the last born, which emerges from my attempt at returning to my own sources, and draws on the multilingual nature of our household. “Sisyphe sur le Rivage” is mainly a comment on some of my favourite spots in French literature dans le texte. Voilà.

Where does that leave the structure of what I want to say? I am not sure there is one, or, if there is, it is in the making: the essence of work in progress. And there lies the pleasure of an endless adventure. At the risk of boring my readers…

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