Daily Prompt: The Interview

Interview your favorite fictional character.

Honoré welcomes Fraa Erasmas, in direct from the Concent of Saunt Edhar on Arbre.

Anathem, a novel Q ~ Fraa Erasmas, let me say first how moving it is for me to meet you, at last, and be in a position to ask you questions that have not left me since I read the story of the Convox…

A ~ Ah, yes, I assume you’re referring to the Geometers Convox?

Q ~ Indeed, and the long journey you and Fraa Orolo undertook after being evoked… But let me ask you first: are you pleased with the way you fraas and suurs of the Edharian math behaved during the whole period?

A ~ We, in the mathic orders, have an understandable loyalty to our respective concents, and for us Edharians this has a special significance. As you know ours was one of the three Inviolates…

Q ~ Indeed, and I pray for Saunt Edhar to continue to protect your brethrens, I mean the fraas and suurs of your order, fraa Erasmas. May I ask you how suur Ala now is?

A ~ Oh, Earth people have a direct way… You obviously know of our liaison, and how distraught I was when the suur I – how do you say that?, loved? – was evoked. My ancestor, Erasmas, who founded the metatheorics branch named Complex Protism would have explained this to you better than me, his 37th century namesake ever could… But fraa Ala is fine and is due to deliver our baby in a few weeks time…

Q ~ Congratulations to both of you fraa Erasmas. May I ask what happened with fraa Jaad, the Thousander?

A ~ I understand fraa Jaad is alive and well, and is pursuing his studies of HTW in the Concent of Saunt Edhar, our concent.

Q ~ I have never quite understood how was resolved the… long Dialog about cosmi and Hemm configuration Space?

A ~ Oh, you got as far as that? Not bad for a scribbler of the old Earth then! No, really, don’t blush.  As a Tenner I have to say that I doubt that you have the theorics – sorry, you’d say mathematics – to grasp any of it. But then you will have to excuse me, I have to be back before Provener! Nice meeting you Honoré. I enjoyed our… small Dialog… Good bye

Q~ Good bye fraa Erasmas, Saunt Edhar bless you!

Inspired by Anathem, by Neal Stephenson

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