#FiveSentenceFiction: Goggles

On the deck Commander Lara Maiakovski, whom we met earlier, standing tall and blond on the deck of the battle cruiser Aurora, summoned her second in command Olga Braun.

Lieutenant Braun, sporting a new pair of reflecting goggles under her officer’s cap, reported within seconds, her boss observing, as usual, what a cute little bum her second in command was gifted with.

“Olga”, using the familiar form, “who do you think those assh*** are who are about to cross our trajectory?” asked the Angel of the Black Star in a peremptory but still friendly tone.

“Sister Commander”, Olga replied standing to attention and noticing the interest her commanding officer was clearly giving to her athletic posterior, “those assh** are our allies from Andromeda, and as you know, a fairly uncouth lot we could consider as second order space farers…”

“Lieutenant”, snapped her boss judging that time was no longer for the informal form, “fire a warning salvo – at once!”

4 thoughts on “#FiveSentenceFiction: Goggles

  1. I feel sorry for any male warrior coming up against either Olga or Lara, if that picture depicts their uniform. He would be so gobsmacked, he’d be dead before he had a chance to blink. That’s hardly fighting fair 🙂


  2. I had trouble focusing on your story. I’m sure it was good, But my eyes are sore.. I had to keep putting drops in them.. they kept popping out like the the popping out of the uniform in the picture.Randy


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