#AtoZChallenge: April 22, 2013 ~ Siris & Galahad

The Golden Girdle I have written about you, and you continue to intrigue me.  You are the young peasant who defeats the Titans, and Isa’s friend, or are you? Or are you Ausar, who, in the mists of times, imprisoned the Worker of Secret?  Ausar is also another of Osiris’ s names.  For some weeks I have entertained another possibility: that you may be a reflection of Galahad, one of the three achievers of the Grail of the legend…

This would befit you: for naive you are as he was, fearless, and I guess, of no experience at all with women.  Galahad the Preux was a virgin, the immaculate son of Lancelot and Elaine, who treacherously appeared as Guinevere to Lancelot…  Your father forgave your mother, but you, his son, had only one goal: The Grail.

Tennyson wrote “My good blade carves the casques of men…” for you… And, yes, this reminds me of the Infinity Blade…

Sir Galahad opens the Tomb

The Camelot Project at the University of Rochester

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