#FiveSentenceFiction: Angles


Susan You are working in our study, and for now you are on your own, in a space we share.

On the wide oak table are the latest photographs we have made: you, me, us, in different angles, seized in the slow motion of time arrested, provocative and yet romantic pictures of lovers…

You are choosing those for the next edition of our book, for which the publisher offered that huge advance: we were almost embarrassed, after all, it’s one of our hobbies – I see you’re smiling…

Now you’re looking in the mirror, and I know the reflection of you, the slender neck, the leather collar, the triumphant red hair, the delicate silver necklace, those eyes your master gave the world for.

And tonight, I will take your portrait, as you know, the angle which suggests, and does not show, just enough and no more, of your sublime beauty…

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