Weekly Writing Challenge: Person, Place, Thing

The challenge is to write three paragraphs, though you can choose to write more or less if you wish — the goal is to get you watching closely, observing, and collecting people, places, and things to use in your creative writing projects.

DSC_0226 You are that person, and your beloved face, at that instant, is for ever engraved in my memory: those grey eyes calmly fixed on mine, the cold air, lips made for love, a kiss, a wish.  How far did the dream go that day?  Your still body, expecting, your smile, the black shirt you wore, the thin silver necklace: my reflection in your eyes, on that cliff, far from everything – the challenge as your hands softly rested on my shoulders… I observed the rock going out of focus, as suddenly you filled my vision, eyes only for you, once unattainable beauty… Then your hair escaped the cap and my heart sunk…

The cliff was cold, just touched by the morning sun.  We heard the cry of the eagle, above us, searching the plateau.  The rock was damp with dew, your finger traced our names on the smooth surface… You had forgotten the vertical, but of course I had not: I was your guide, your knight…

So the rope held us together, and you laughed as I made the innocent move that brought us closer, tightening your belt – then you said: “only the eagles can see us, we are free Mister”.  And so I will write the story: the beautiful red-hair, the cliff and the tight rope.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Person, Place, Thing

  1. Thanks for being such a good pal: your input in euzicasa is valued more than you will ever know!
    You have the gift of being able to convey a lot, with care for content. I am a novice, in distilling words, to fit the lesser space, be it as sound, or as written, or digital.
    I had to try though!


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