#Awards: a nomination…

I am grateful to wonderful blogger/writer Jennifer (@jennybennyk) who hails from http://itsjennythewren.wordpress.com/ (please visit if you have not yet!) for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blog Award.  I am doubly grateful to Jenny, a fellow blogger on the #AtoZ trail, first for the opportunity to visit her posts at leisure, and then also (more about it on one of my #atozchallenge posts to follow) ~ since I expect an account of her trip to Japan all those years back!

There is a ritual, and it starts with boring the readers with seven personal things ~ erm… ~ and then suggest fifteen nominees… Here goes:

  1. I write in the morning after exercising, the latter twice or three times a week ~ I don’t run marathons, but a modest 5km!
  2. My main work in progress is a novel titled The Page, a tale of intimacy and loss, with other bits of flash fiction, and a possible other novella ~ all accessible through these pages…
  3. My loyal Nikon is a faithful companion on the long walks we share my wife and I.  There is a photo blog here.
  4. Writing stuff: Scrivener on my small Mac, but also handwritten notes in moleskine notebooks, occasionally on iPad.
  5. My main character has a Facebook page, which I borrow from time to time…
  6. There is some erotica somewhere else, certainly NSFW and 18+
  7. Favourite cities: Paris and Berlin, favourite region: the Dolomites

Happy Few, bloggers/writers who deserve enthusiastic following:

  1. Rebecca at http://rebeccabradleycrime.com/
  2. The capillary at http://thecapillary.blogspot.co.uk/
  3. Doctor DL Shackleford at http://www.dlshackleford.com/category/posts/
  4. Phylis Vegas at http://phylisvegasbooks.blogspot.co.uk/
  5. The Island Traveller at http://thismansjourney.net/
  6. Gabrielle at http://gabriellebryden.wordpress.com/
  7. CA White at http://authorcawhite.wordpress.com/
  8. Rebecca at http://rebeccagibson35.wordpress.com/
  9. Rhiannon, a wonderful artist who will travel far, at http://rhiannonrebecca.com/
  10. Marí, whom I’d love to unravel, at http://unravelingmarimar.wordpress.com/
  11. Wayne at http://mrkelly2u.wordpress.com/
  12. Rick, who knows faith moves mountains, at http://emanatingjoy.wordpress.com/
  13. Jason at http://jasonehodges.blogspot.co.uk/
  14. David at http://sonoranwolf.wordpress.com/
  15. Kajira at http://lupobellezza.wordpress.com/

~ Not all of the above may wish to follow the ritual but all are worth visiting and following!



  1. Congratulations on the nomination and thank you so much for the mention! To say I’m also on WordPress, I didn’t get notification of the link and have just seen it. Thank you again.


  2. Congratulations on your award. 🙂
    I will have to check out your photoblog… I bet you it’s as wonderful as your erotica pieces and your blog here. 🙂

    Finally, I am surprised, humbled, and honored you mentioned me. Thank you so much.
    I hope you still stay and continue to visit my blog after you are done unraveling me. *wink* Hehehe


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