Daily Prompt: Judgment Day

If you were to judge your favorite book by its cover, would you still read it?

1Q84 1Q84, Haruki Murakami’s masterpiece, is a long poem to love and the irrepressible human spirit: this cover is a joy to look at – the butterflies in the greenhouse, and the two moons.  The two moons signal that this world is another world, and that finding one’s beloved soul mate is to find the way back to the old world, the one before the fall.

Yes I would fall in love again with this novel, just looking at the cover! But then I am a fan of Murakami…






14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Judgment Day

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  4. Been meaning to read that book. Hmmm, I tend to like the covers of the books I buy, and don’t generally change my opinion of them even if I end up not liking the book.
    One of my favorite covers was for The Map of Time by Palma. I still think it’s a beautiful cover even though I didn’t like the book


  5. I need to read that book, though my copy has a different cover 🙂
    I am starting to get a bit upset by all the cover shuffling going on, but then, I see them as the face of the book and part of the whole experience. When you change it, it is a different book, even if the cover is improved. I guess I need to get used to it though, because now that it is all digital, cover changes are so much easier!


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  7. That cover is enough to make me want to buy the book – I love it – the colors, the butterfly and the name too. Anyway, stopping in to see what others wrote for the Prompt – hope you have time to visit soon and read my take on it – Cheers!


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  10. I loved this cover for 1Q84 and yes, I would read it again. I am often attracted to books by their covers. One of my recent favourities is the Brothers Sister. Great graphic cover, equally fabulous book!


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