#WritersWednesdays: expectations, #amwriting

Act! Do we write to redesign all those actions that led to places we did not expect? Is our imagination of way of travelling back, and have our characters do what we did not dare? Looking at this the other way, from the viewpoint of the characters we create, what are their expectations, of us, of themselves? Are they constrained by our expectations, or are we by theirs? Should we as writers, write without expectation?

Those musings are a mere distraction from the serious business of… writing. I’d like to hear your views, dear followers…

Georges Polti

One thought on “#WritersWednesdays: expectations, #amwriting

  1. I rather like the idea of fictional characters rebelling and breaking loose from their creators, the likes of us – thoroughly enjoyed my recent flu and chest infection recovery read of Flann O’Brien’s At Swim-Two-Birds, have you read it? Reality is of course not thus and we do exert control as indeed has Flann O’Brien in creating this wonderfully entertaining piece of fiction. Anything can happen when we let our minds imagine, and there are so many possibilities for beginnings and endings of stories. We’re free to choose on behalf of our characters and to imagine, create and direct their journeys. My only expectation to self is that if I don’t like reading a story I have written I won’t inflict it on others to read. That’s no guarantee of course that others will like what I’ve written. 😉


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