#FiveSentenceFiction: Midnight

 This post, in the Five Sentence Fiction series, was inspired by the iOS game Infinity Blade II

Her thin silhouette was dwarfed by the monumental gate guarded by two huge robed figures with horned bull heads, holding burning torches, as she stood at the entrance of the castle, her face set in steely determination.

Slowly she walked in darkness, looking up to the distant dome of the ceiling, as the heavy doors shut behind her with the irrevocable sound of doom.

In the icy midnight air she checked her armour, adjusted her helmet, and felt the steel of the pair of arabic swords she’d chosen to fight the Titan: only speed could save her against the monster’s brute force…

Then she heard the heavy steps and metal heels resonating on the ancient floor, and he was there, fifteen feet of towering hatred, steel, leather and muscle, holding the huge battle axe high.

His attack was as sudden as expected, she parred the mortal blow, dodged low escaping oblivion by a whisker, then aimed the double blades up and deep below his jaws, and she heard the massive bones cracking open, she felt her blades slicing the softer matter in his skull, and there on the medieval stones, the Titan collapsed, a dead fiend.


12 thoughts on “#FiveSentenceFiction: Midnight

  1. One of your best “Fivers” so far. As a young adult who still plays video games whenever time allows, I’ve always appreciated their evocativeness. Games of all kinds comprise an interactive art, one that allows immersion in ways that perhaps only the printed word can surpass. An infinity of stories awaits in every pixel. How lovely to experience this one.


  2. In movies the fight scenes seem to go on forever. You efficiently evoke the mood of battle but in two moves it is over. Everything was very vivid: the boom of the massive door, the gloom, the click of metal heels on stone floors, I could almost smell the beast. Great job.


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