#FiveSentenceFiction: Joy

 You made the decision, and I knew it was final, reading your determination in your eyes, and knowing my place.

The half marathon would be probably the toughest this season: hilly country, atrocious weather, and very fit competitors.

But you trained all year, and I, your training partner, knew the hundreds of miles this meant, the Saturday’s work-out, the pain, the mountains running…

So that cold morning, we were there, your beloved face the image of will power: in the cold mist we kissed, and as usual I admired your beautiful and toned body, already tensed on the effort.

Thirteen miles later you finished in the first four, the first woman out of five hundred participants: in your eyes I read the pure joy of achievement, and I fell in love all over again.

12 thoughts on “#FiveSentenceFiction: Joy

  1. Last week, an old university friend told me he was training for a marathon. We had known each other for about thirty years. He had already been steadily losing wait. I felt envy.

    Now this! I seriously have to get into a regime!


  2. 1) My God, how I want to be fit enough to run a marathon.

    2) There’s something deeply spiritual about the act of will—like the spirit flaring up in defiance of the world. You’re really getting into some powerful territory here.

    3) Some minor editing notes in case you care: Saturdays should have an apostrophe, after the S if you mean workouts on multiple Saturdays. Willpower is typically going to be one word. And probably that colon you use in sentence five would do better as a semicolon.


  3. Wonderfully, the sentences flowed naturally and unforced. The encouragement and pride shined through. A beautiful tale of love and admiration!


  4. There is nothing like the joy of falling in love again. I’m not a runner so the thought of a marathon (even half of one) is the farthest thing from joy for me. Great job though! I enjoyed not having to run…


  5. The first comment on this one – bony in bed lol. I’m still always in awe when I read these pieces, so much power and depth packed into such a tiny space. Breathtaking, razor sharp and touching Honoré, you are a king of this genre, pure and simple.


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