#FiveSentenceFiction: Feast

 In their millions they invade the huge organism, and they die in their millions, slain by the fierce defenders.

Yet their legions keep their assault, step by step gaining territory despite the enemy’s resistance, blind to their losses.

So small in proportion they are, a fraction of a millionth of the size of their target: invisible to the living.

Waves after waves they are pushed back, but already they feast on the corpses of the vanquished.

As I succumb to them I wonder if they are our ancestors: the most deadly fiend of all living creatures.



12 thoughts on “#FiveSentenceFiction: Feast

  1. Arrrgghhh! Organisms feast in my lungs at the moment, and I grow ever weary of the invasion. A great take on the prompt, I really liked the perspective you wrote it from!


  2. Spectacular prose, Honoré, and the metaphorical is so implied. Although, there are many of them, very many of them, that our friends and not our foes. I like the closing sentence bringing it all full circle. 🙂


  3. YAY! Love this piece as it goes into territory none have imagined – kudos 🙂 Btw, the ‘yay!’ was for the writing, not the seriousness of the topic – just wanted to make sure you didn’t think I was a total and utter heartless, unfeeling git.


  4. Very good piece. Funnily enough (and I do not mean to be rude), I was thinking that you could apply the words to sperm as they travel on their way to fertilise the egg in a female. If the story applies to the female perspective then the line about the ancestors fits but also becomes a little bit more creepy! Always love reading your stuff Honoré, another tour de force.


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