#FiveSentenceFiction: Character

 The familiar objects on the desk reflect the feeble light of autumn: the shiny keyboard, the Pelikan pen, the notebooks, some photos of the past summer, and your portrait.

You are smiling, of the smile of a perfect avatar, as if this was the best that could be achieved, still, after so many pages, but not yet your entire self.

In silence I hope you will show yourself, your beloved face, those eyes where I wish to drown myself: the house is so quiet, and I cannot ignore those who have preceded you, the lineage of beauty…

Already I am typing these words, a timid effort at seduction, the slow approach of a shy pygmalion.

I feel the light air shimmer, the suspension of time in this room, I recognise your scent, petrified, I look in the direction of your chair: you have come, my only, my so-beautiful and so loyal character – and at this moment how I love you…

12 thoughts on “#FiveSentenceFiction: Character

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  1. This says as much about the writer as it does the character, which, when one thinks about it, is the case with all great characters. :)) The sensuality of your language is always pleasing, Honoré. You’ve inspired me now to try this week’s prompt. xo


  2. It’s an absolute pleasure to read this piece – so much evoked over such a small yet superbly detailed space. I really enjoyed the last paragraph the most about the shimmer in the air and the suspension of time. It is such a nice image to picture how a woman can affect a man’s view of the world in this way. Brilliant.


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