#FiveSentenceFiction: Devotion

Moon The orb of the giant moon was disappearing on the cold horizon, soon the icy shadows would fall: they were alone, many parsecs from their kind, on the vast silvery planet.

But for them there would be no rest, their great bodies would continue to work through the long night: they were builders, never to rest, always on alert, till their task was accomplished, then they would die.

One of the two females turned to her companion, admiring the long and strong legs, the formidable mandibles, and she saw the signs of near exhaustion, would they survive another year on the planet?

But the pyramid was almost completed: another block would soon be lifted, with the help of the great machines, and then they would close the secret chamber, where their Mother would rest, for eternity, in the silence of space.

The two great spiders paused, in exalted worship: “Mother, your daughters have accomplished the prophecy.”

18 thoughts on “#FiveSentenceFiction: Devotion

  1. Dear Honoré, this is wonderful! Lovely imagery, beautifully told, rounded sentences that are a pleasure to read…and the little insight at the end to the nature of the characters. I always want to see what you’ve dreamed up for these 5 sentence fiction challenges. xo


  2. That is beautiful and so descriptive and timely as I am reading a sci fi book that has crazy huge spider-type people building monster structures. I like your characters better though, these others destroy everything besides themselves and their own stuff. 🙂


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