#FiveSentenceFiction: Zombie

Beautiful Zombie The tunnel was long and dark, they were progressing slowly, stopping every few minutes to listen: they could hear only the sound of water drops falling on the concrete surface, and the occasional rodent running for its life…Their leader had told them not to lit a torch, as they could see quite well without it, and did not want to attract attention: they knew the enemy could be close.

All of them were aware of the risks they were taking by attempting to move north, as their little troop was so slow, and defenceless: at any time they could face those implacable monsters, the horror, the pitiless destruction, the road to hell, without hope of return, before reaching the sanctuary.

Their scared women heard them first: the low grunting of armour, still far away in front of them: they knew what would follow soon: the leader stopped them, told them to make themselves as flat as they could against the walls of the tunnel, and pray.

It was hopeless: they saw the tanks, then the cold blinding lights, then the flames came, as the soldiers mercilessly torched everything in front of them, undead and rodents.

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