#FiveSentenceFiction: Blush

 It has to happen sometime: it was pitch dark on that lonely road, it was raining, and the flap-flap of the tyre I recognised for what it was, a very flat puncher, bad luck, so had to stop.

The road side was narrow, and there was a wide, deep ditch, with the rain now falling hard, I would have to be careful, the punched tyre was on the kerb side.

I got the kit out of the trunk, already drenched, and started on the nuts with the short spanner, soon realising the tyre had been last changed by Hercules himself or a bloke with some power wrench at his disposal: the nuts did not bulge, I just sweated under my wet clothes.

I saw the headlights, the approaching 4×4, and, ignoring it, I continued with my vain efforts, swearing under my beard, but being aware of someone now standing just behind me.

“Looks as if you could do with some help, sunshine” a clear voice said – and as I looked up I could not help admiring the angel face, under the hood, the blond hair, the fine gloved hands holding a fearsome looking wrench, the beautiful smile and laughing eyes of my female rescuer.

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