Playing tag!

 A big smile and thank you to Holly Michael (@HollyMichael) for tagging my photoblog and inviting me to tag in turn! As is the tradition, here are my answers to 11 questions, and then my tags…

1/ If you could change your name, what would you change it to and why? I probably would not, but, say, having to do it, would be to Constantine, in honor of the Christian emperor of Rome (blushing)

2/ Name 3 things you couldn’t live without (not people or animals): my iPad, my old climbing boots, my camera (Nikon!)

3/ Which do you prefer – beach or forest? Why? I think forest, I come from there!

4/ Do you have a ‘I need to do this by the time I am ……‘ age? Which one is it? Visiting Japan (before I can no longer stand long haul flights!)

5/ Laptop or desktop? I write on my Mac mini, or for short text, my iPad, but, have to say, salivating over the Macbook Retina…

6/ Are you still friends with your best friend from childhood? sadly not, actually the subject of The Page, my unfinished novel (in a way)

7/ If you could critique any book, which one would it be? A La Recherche du Temps PerduFor me it is the 20th century defining novel, at least in French…

8/ Describe your perfect day? Walking with my wife in the mountains by clear weather

9/ Where in the world do you feel most at home? At home

10/ Do you talk with your hands (ie do you gesture wildly when you talk?) Sometime, depends on audience

11/ How well do you know the history of your country of birth? Quite well, French history was one of my strong subjects at school, and I have kept reading about it.

My tags – beautiful writers’s blogs I keep visiting:

Photo blogs (random selection):

I don’t expect the last four to be “taggable”!

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