#Geometries: Essen, or gastronomy as an erotic art

 One of our early shared erotic experiences was that of cooking together: the kitchen as a wonderful space for titillating the buds and other parts of our complex mammal’s nervous systems. In truth, we enjoyed cooking together before we determined the geometry of our other encounters. I have described our enjoyment of a simple Indian dish earlier. The diversity of choices, what precedes, what follows, what to drink in-between, and when to meet more intimately, is of course boundless.

As a Franco-German household, with spatters of English, Spanish, Italian, Welsh, Irish, and now Japanese, influences, the world is our oyster… We perfection the art, test new ideas with friends (up to a point), and first of all ourselves: what works, what makes us high, what sends us dreaming. As we travel we gather new recipes, try and compare, this giving us new opportunities to mix pleasures, sometimes with delightful results. There are also failures: things that don’t work, occasionally with comical results – and guess who’s mostly to blame for those?

So what is our ranking? Well, we place Italian cooking on top, particularly the mix of Milanese, Piedmont, Venetian and Tyrollean traditions that prevails in Northern Italy. But this is not exclusive, no more than the geometries of Lieben which may be the subject of my next post…

2 thoughts on “#Geometries: Essen, or gastronomy as an erotic art

  1. The parallels between great sex and great food are uncanny. Just last night Leigh & I made a fresh arugula-cilantro pesto with pine nuts and walnuts. It was most delicious, as was the conversation and mood around our new from old island that dominates (heh) our kitchen.

    I am still trying to perfect the French omelet. So simple, yet so humbling.


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