Doctor Shaw

Prometheus In space, with the bodiless android as your sole companion, aboard the immense ship: what are you thinking Doctor Shaw? Do you dream in your sarcophagi? You trust that machine, that evil machine. Yet it killed your friend, infected him with the deadly virus. But now, does it matter? Your aim is the Engineers’ world – or what is left of it. What do you hope to find there? Answers to your questions? A clue as to why they turn against their children, against mankind?

And what if the story was completely different, a fabrication, smoke and mirrors? Why, are you saying, why should it be so? It maybe that their goal was to prevent mankind to awake, to hinder creation – or evolution – depending on your perspective, to eliminate a deadly competitor. The “good” Engineers may have been evil all the time. And those pictures across the ancient world, a trap, a bait to kill us off after all, if ever we survived their poison. Something got at them for sure. And that thing is alive. In fact, for a while, it was alive in your belly, doctor Shaw. Remember?

So, you can’t change your mind now. The android has programmed the flight, your journey. Of course, your grandchild is still there, surely, on that piece of rock, near the dome. The beautiful Alien, who was born from your baby and the monster, the last surviving Engineer. Wait, is it behind you, or with you, there, on that silent ship? And then, you’re no longer alone: that baby is growing near you…

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