#FiveSentenceFiction: Orange

Transit of Venus

What made them leave home and set sail upon dangerous seas, determining where upon the Globe they must go, was not – Pace any Astrologists in the room – the Heavenly Event by itself, but rather that unshining Assembly of Human Needs, of which Venus, at the instant of going dark, is the Prime Object…” – Thomas Pynchon, Mason & Dixon

Transit of Venus“You have read Mason & Dixon” pronounced Gorgeous, in playful mood. “So, pray, how can it be you aren’t interested in the Transit? And a geek like you?”

I consider the position carefully, while observing the shade of black lipstick, the silken shirt, and, well… the fact that some beings are definitely superior to others…

“C’mon, jarhead”, continues Gorgeous, now going for the kill, “you’ll have to tell me tonight when I need kick your miserable arse out of bed, so that I can have nice pics!”

I smile suavely and pour a generous steaming mug of coffee, just for her.

“It is”, gathering my courage with both feet, “that I fear looking at Sol in the eyes, particularly when Aphrodite is watching me”

[From the UK only the last hour of transit will be visible just as the Sun is rising on the morning of 6 June. In Greenwich visibility will run from sunrise at 4:45 British Summer Time to the end of the transit at 5:55 BST – courtesy Greenwich Royal Observatory]

Transit computer at the US Naval Oceanography Portal

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