#BlogMeMaybe: May 29 – May I tell you something about myself?

Intelligent Life

What we read makes us who we are. And technology is changing the way we read, not only in terms of hat we hold in our hands, but also where we can read, and how much. Yet I still love the touch of a book, the feel of turning real pages in a magazine. Today my partner, Gorgeous, bought me the May/June (printed) issue of Intelligent Life, the glossy from The Economist. IL has a wonderful IPad edition too.

The articles, the photographs are all interesting and attractive. On Prometheus and Ridley Scott: “Can he still  make us feel trapped when there’s so much room for manoeuvre?” (Nicholas Barber). “Non cogito, ergo sum: sometimes thinking is a bad idea – to make good decisions, you need to be skilled at ignoring information” (Ian Leslie)! On the opera director, David McVicar: “He often deploys violence, but never gratuitously: he’ll mine the text of a familiar classic  with passionate rigour, and induce his singers to do the same” (Michael Church)… “The shapes we are in”, by Isabel Lloyd is wondering about fashion, “matching bodies to decades”. “Like?” is about, of course, Facebook, “what it’s doing to real life”, an article by Robert Lane Green, all tweeps must read!

A nice touch: the magazine lists its contributors, with a nice pic of a shelf with their books (Shelf-publicity).

Of course it’s full of advertising, but quality (quite a few banking and investment outfits too, as it fits an Economist’s product)! Well, I have to admit I am a bit of a sucker for glamour and style. After all I am married to Gorgeous (mind you, not just glamour…)! How does she put up with this uncouth Neanderthal is another sweet mystery.

One thought on “#BlogMeMaybe: May 29 – May I tell you something about myself?

  1. To replace the experience of reading with only visuals, like being online, takes away the tactile part I enjoy too. The touch, turning the page, setting it down, picking it up – we have a place for both print and online materials.


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