One Lovely Blog Award: Thank You @olbigjim

I am almost embarrassed, but deeply happy, to have been nominated for this award by my friend and wonderful blogger and traveller Jim Wright. Following on from @AshNFinn’s nomination earlier today, I can only say: I am really deeply grateful to you both.

I am not conceited enough – smiling suavely – for talking again about myself, but this gives me the opportunity to recommend fifteen more marvellous blogs, and their owners:

  1. by @olbigjim
  2. by @BarbaraConelli
  3. by @emeraldbarnes
  4. by @judyccr
  5. by @CiaraBallintyne
  6. by @Roxerella
  7. by @denfemte
  8. by @jd_mader
  9. by @JenVinci
  10. by @carlie2011c
  11. by @Angela_Goff
  12. by @LillieMcFerrin
  13. by @mollygreene
  14. by @natzers
  15. by @oddparticle

2 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award: Thank You @olbigjim

  1. All of your awards are well deserved. Congratulations and thanks so very much for the shout out and nomination. I feel very privileged to have crossed cyber paths with you.


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