Signs You Might Be An Angel

  I am paraphrasing @CreativeNoodlin  who paraphrased someone else (see here). Angels have fascinated me from childhood, and later, I got a bit of a fix on them. So, maybe, you would like to consider those signs:

1 – Both men and women are attracted to you, at first sight

2 – You are not promiscuous, ever.

3 – Women approach you carefully, wondering about your exact gender.

4 – Men tend to offer to take your picture, there and then, and so politely.

5 – Evil creatures fear you shitless.

6 – You have sex rarely, but when you do your partner –  male or female – is in ecstasy for weeks afterwards, some never recover…

7 – Your never worry about your age (you will know what I mean if you are one).

8 – If you walk into a bar, or any location with people, suddenly humans stop chatting.

9 – You have few friends, but they are extremely loyal to you, in fact, they worship you.

10 – Some of your friends are vampires, the others tend to be writers, or war veterans.

11 – Most of your friends are bisexual.

12 – You enjoy the tunes of Augusto Pablo.

13 – You studied unarmed combat with the Kodokan.

14 – You wear sober, slightly out of fashion, clothes, never expensive.

15 – You ride a woman bicycle with a basket on the bar.

16 – You enjoy the icy water of the North Sea, in May.

If you meet any four of those signs then you’re on your way! If you meet more than four I urgently need your phone number, promised.

This is a gate of Kodokan in Mito, Japan. 日本語:...

This is a gate of Kodokan in Mito, Japan. 日本語: 水戸市の弘道館の門。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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