#BlogMeMaybe: May 9 – May I ask something about you?

Who, what and why?

 I really don’t know much about you dear reader: of course, as any other aspiring writer, I genuinely appreciate your visit, and you taking the time to read this scribbling. But who are you? What motivates your wandering in blogging land (and to this remote corner of it)?

JRR Tolkien wrote that “Not all those who wander are lost”, and this is deeper than the brevity of the sentence seems to warrant. Are you of the lost wandering variety? Or do you have a purpose, a quest? That’s the word: a quest.

If you do have a quest, what is it? Are you looking for inspiration? Or are you looking for something special, a style, a voice? Some blogs have voices, for example I find some poetic blogs have a voice that moves me, inspires me, or reaches my inner core.

Do you have a quest, and are you willing to tell us what it is?

May I add that some (of us) who wander may be lost too: the subject for another post (maybe)?

9 thoughts on “#BlogMeMaybe: May 9 – May I ask something about you?

  1. “Not all who wander are lost.” I’ve always liked that quote from Tolkien. I’ve wandered this earth for many years. Lost? Perhaps, perhaps not. I’ve never given much consideration to my ‘lost’ status, I’m merely enjoying the journey. I recently (3 years ago), left my ancestral home in the USA for a land (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) with a different history, culture, and even language. The adventure has been nothing short of amazing.

    My quest now is to write a story good enough to appeal to a wide audience. Of course, commercial success would certainly be welcomed! Two stories are simmering in my brain just now. One is about half finished and the other is still embryonic.

    Wandering through various blogs has taught me that I’ve a long way to go as a writer. As a result, I am attempting, in the words of Agnes Gooch, to be “a sponge!” I am trying to soak up all the advice, techniques, stories, histories and everything else I encounter. Later, I’ll attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff. Right now, I’m happy to sit at the feet of the real masters, such as your Good Self, and learn.


    • No real master over here, but thank you for replying! A student, and possibly less experienced than yourself… The change of country is an interesting backdrop to a writer’s career, spaces, faces, language, colours… Please tell us more about what it means for you, and thanks again for taking the time 🙂


  2. I wanted to come in from the cold and snuck in at the back of the theatre, hardly daring to believe that someday I might join those wonderful people on stage. Hoping that in the dark I would pass unobserved. Wanting to test myself that I had the courage to run away with the circus someday. And I found myself enjoying the show, and the comments from members of the audience (who are all active participants).


  3. Its like when I go to a used bookstore – I don’t really know what I am looking for, but I enjoy rambling about because I never know what gems I will find…


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