#BlogMeMaybe: May I ask something about you?

Β  I’d like to know: what are the things you love most in life: don’t be shy, tell me, books, pictures, places, moments in your life, things you remember that matter to you. What face means most to you? What song, what tune do you really hold in your heart? Most of all, who matters in your life?

P. Vasiliev. Still life with Book. 1956

6 thoughts on “#BlogMeMaybe: May I ask something about you?

  1. Oh my what a big question.. I hold so much important to me..
    I’ll name a few:
    Book- “A Heartbreaking work of staggering genius”- it combines, wit, humour and this golden thread of brotherly love..then all of my Bukowski poetry books
    Place: New Orleans, Louisiana..my new home in a few months..a city with history, mystery and spirit
    Face: My parents.. I adored and loved them beyond measure
    Moments: The birth of each of my children..truly miraculous moments in time


  2. I love life, people, the magical way we connect. The face of the person in front me means the most and I try to give him or her my full attention. My songs change depending on what’s happening my life. One of my favorite books is “Frenchman’s Creek”. What matters most to me is choosing to live, fully… but without hurting others.


  3. Oh wow, and I am a bit shy actually ;-).
    There is just so much to love, so much I love.
    Faces, voices and presence that mean most to me be it current or in memory: tier 1 = my soul mate’s, my parents’, my little sister’s who died before I was born and whom I never got to meet in this life except through photos and stories told and dreams; tier 2 = my dog’s, my birds’ (plural of bird is intentional, there are 5 living and 3 fondly remembered)
    Objects: Piano (my grandmother’s which has moved everywhere with me since she passed away), closely followed by violin, guitar and mandolin all of which I’m not playing very well but loving the sound and feel of these instruments and the joy and calm I feel when playing and the memories playing them triggers…
    Places: Living in Ireland means a lot to me and I love living in Dublin and going west to Leitrim/Sligo as often as I can
    Music and Books: really important to me – hard to name top favourites, enjoying a huge variety and constantly stumbling upon new favourites
    Food: Sushi wins followed by the far less healthy crispy pork belly
    Gotta stop now Honore or my reply will be triple the length of your initial post. You did coax me out of my little shell there! Good grief, it already is! πŸ˜‰


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