#AtoZChallenge: April 21 – S is for Sanctus

Jan GarbarekSanctus is one of the beautiful tracks that make up Jan Garbarek’s Officium recorded in 1994 with ECM. It’s one of the most haunting modern Jazz records, and Sanctus is a very special piece. The mix of Gregorian chants and Sax is just amazing.

I play this track in the evening when I am at home, light off, and meditating (as one does), or, when I am really active, after a climb in the mountains, as then is the time when I want to feel closer to our Creator.

Jan Garbarek is a magician, and Officium is a masterpiece. For Jazz and Spirituals lovers, as well as medievalists among us, it’s the ticket!

Officium (album)


  1. I am completely intrigued by what you’ve said about this album. Sounds like something I would really enjoy. I’ll have to look into it. Your A to Z challenge posts have been uniquely diverse Honoré – just like the writer, I suppose :))


  2. I’m listening to Sanctus as I type this. It’s truly an astonishing performance. I’ve long been a fan of Gregorian chant (a throwback to my monastic days, I reckon) and find it is conducive to my writing. Thanks for sharing this with us, Arlee!


    1. You must tell us about your monastic days sometime! Or is it hidden in your blog somewhere? Glad you’re enjoying this track, it’s really amazing (the whole record is). Thank you for commenting 🙂


      1. It’s not buried in the blog, I’ve never written about it before. Now, thanks to you, I have something new to write about! Watch for it soon…


  3. Oh, yes, thank you for reminding me of this – I absolutely love this record! I bought it when I first came to England and listened to it nearly every day (it fitted well with the medieval atmosphere of the Cambridge colleges).


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