Along Life's Path...

(a prayer)

Dear Jesus, we desire to meet, this day, with you.  And yet, our minds keep flitting to so many things, the projects we want to accomplish, the people we want to talk to, the people we wish we didn’t have to talk to.  We are distracted, O Lord.  I wonder if these things are distractions to spiritual concentration or invitations to see you in the ordinary things of life.  I wonder.

Dear Jesus, we know that you are the Center who knows no distraction.  We offer up our mental fragmentation to you, O Lord our God.  May our scattered-ness become your gathered-ness.  As we contemplate a thousand things, Jesus, may we somehow contemplate You.

Dear Lord, we want to place our hand in your hand and walk and talk and listen.  We long to sit at your feet and learn of You from You. We place ourselves under…

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