#AtoZChallenge: April 12 – K is for Kamikaze

“The Kamikaze (神風?, literally: “God wind”; common translation: “Divine wind”) [kamikaꜜze] ( listen), official name: Tokubetsu Kōgekitai (特別攻撃隊?), Tokkō Tai (特攻隊?), or Tokkō (特攻?), were suicide attacks by military aviators from the Empire of Japan against Allied naval vessels in the closing stages of thePacific campaign of World War II” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamikaze

Often we talked about them. What it takes to commit, to the certain death, the annihilation. You think they were like those ancient knights, confronted by treacherous archery: brave and hopeless, lost, doomed to be massacred. I feel different about the Kamikaze: they anticipated our age, of suicide bombers, of human beings willing to sacrifice everything to a cause we do not understand, or refuse to understand. They were not behind, but ahead of their time, not only ready to die, but also, while they lived, a poignant proof of the absurdity of war.


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