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As a part of my public speaking class, I was required to present a 6 minute speech on one of the most descriptive and inclusive passages (prose or poetry) that I had come across.  I was to convince not only my batch mates on my views but as well the passer’s by. This time we relayed our speeches outside the campus library . One of my Canadian batchmates expressed her intrigue over the subject matter I had chosen and further went on to ellaborate how convincing my speech was, even though she never understood a single word of the selected prose.  Since I received a good feedback on the essentials of my speech (which was to include providing a pithy title, an alliteration/onomatopoeia and sign posts), I thought of placing my views on the most descriptive language passage which also gives me goose bumps whenever I recite it and makes me feel so proud to be an Indian.


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