Wicked (#5SF)

Wicked WytchYou smiled and said: “You should get yourself some new feet, yours are awful, just look at mine”.

And I looked at your elegant, well shaped foot and lovely toes, a fitting ornament to your o-so beautiful leg, and then, blushing, answered: “But I don’t know where to get those”.

O your wicked smile then, as you turn your lovely face towards me and, still smiling, asked: “Where did you get this lovely body, don’t you know?”

I was stunned, I did not know that either, my body had always been there, kind of I was born with it, wasn’t I?

“So, you said, even more wickedly, if you were ugly, you would not know how to change yourself?”

6 thoughts on “Wicked (#5SF)

  1. Honoré, I read this when you first posted it but came back today to reread and comment. It seems different in character to your usual style yet it still contains the same sensual quality that I’ve come to expect from your work. Very intriguing! Good job my mysterious friend!


  2. Some very poetic and abstract prose. I’d love to read more work like this. Really enjoyable to read, especially concerning the pace and rhythm.


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